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Crazy Rewards Program



Who can join Crazy Rewards?

Any Crazy Free Deals customer is eligible for participation in the Crazy Reward program.


How do I join Crazy Rewards?

How to enroll in Crazy Rewards

·         Once you create a account you are automatically enrolled into the Crazy Rewards program.


How do I earn points?

·         Sign into your account

·         Earn Crazy Rewards Point for every deal you have redeemed, birthday’s, surveys and from bonuses we offer. Please note Crazy Rewards is only open to United States residents.

·         Points are awarded the following business day following your redeemed deal completion

·         Qualifying points must be made via or through the digital app



How do I redeem my points?

·         Once you have earned your first $5, you will be required to create your wallet through our safe and secure i-payout system on 

·         Once your account has been created, you will have the options to have your money directly deposited into your bank account, PayPal account or to a Visa credit card.

·         Please see the rules and regulations under i-payout wallet at for more information.




Do my points expire?

Currently base points earned through qualified redemptions do not expire. Promotional bonus points are subject to expiration. If points are subject to expiration the expiration will be clearly highlighted within the promotional communication.



Can reward points be combined with other promotional offers?

Yes, if we are giving away double points or you are spinning our wheel of deals, these points can be added to the points you received for redeeming a deal. 


Can two or more accounts be merged together to create one account?

No, accounts cannot be combined. Customers should select a primary account that they would like to utilize for reward point accumulation.


Can I get credited for past deals I’ve redeemed?

No reward points will be credited for the qualifying redemption of deals made prior to enrollment into the Crazy Rewards program.


How can I track my reward activity (points earned and redeemed)?

Crazy Rewards Member Page

·         Simply log into your account

·         Click the Crazy Rewards tab on the navigation bar

·         The Crazy Rewards member page contains your point tracker. The tracker will indicate the number of current rewards earned and the number of points needed to earn the next reward

·         There is also a full account register that details all rewards point activity homepage

·         When a member signs into their account

·         Once a member has earned at least one reward an indicator on the Crazy Rewards tab will reflect the number of point rewards earned

·         In addition, an interactive point bar will begin to appear once a member has earned an eligible reward



Who can I contact if I need further assistance with my Crazy Rewards account?

Contact Us: 

Mailing Address:

5405 Okeechobee Blvd Ste.201

West Palm Beach, FL 33417

Phone: 561-972-2292