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About Us


       Crazy Free Deals is the brainchild of CEO Sara Feinstein. Sara has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to create a way for people to enjoy the simple pleasures in life without breaking the bank. Her journey started in 2010 when she created a small business called “Something 2 Talk About”, which put together gift bags for local events filled with promotions and coupons from local business that were passed out to the event guests. The gift bags became wildly popular because of the value and quality of the contents and deals within the bags. However, on such a small platform as local events, many people were upset if they missed an event and thus missed out on the great deals! This got her thinking about a way to use technology and create a website where she could display these local deals to the public and give everyone access to them. While developing the idea and discussing it with the businesses advertising with her, the merchants were excited about receiving “hype” for their business online and reaching a much larger population. The only other coupon and deal sites available charged the merchants large amounts of cash and took 50 -75% of their profits away for promoting their deals. Sara wanted to create a site where businesses can have an affordable way to promote themselves and keep 100% of their profits. Thus the birth of Crazy Free!

After years of planning and preparation, Sara launched in June of 2015 and hit the ground running! The launch focused on Palm Beach County local businesses and the site is growing rapidly and gaining popularity. Recognizing the need for help in managing the rapid growth of the company, Sara sold the majority of Crazy Free Deals in August 2017. The new owners, Sherry and Tom Ryan are experienced entrepreneurs who have owned many successful businesses in the past 30 years. Sara remains on board as C.E.O and with the Ryan’s tutelage has expanded Crazy Free Deals to  a regional site in less than 2 two months. The company goals include nationwide deals by the end of 2018.

So be on the lookout, because very soon Crazy Free Deals will be found in a city and state near you!

Sara Feinstein
President and CEO